miercuri, 18 ianuarie 2012

Romance on the Internet!

It was June, 2008 .. when everything happened. They met in a strange way, the world's hi5. After a few comm sites she asked id here and ... everything within itself. Speaking increasingly often ..daily, even several times a day. She could not wait to see him online to change a few words with him, no one altcineva.Au she exchanged phone numbers and now it was much easier.Unfortunately, he was beginning as a joke .. and the girl fights multiplied suffered tremendously .. He loved it! And he loved her but did not realize how you really feel. With arguments, the reconciliation, the time passed .. They were still far apart .. it Focsani, his .. Craiova vs 400 km. love. What won? The first battle won it away .. A year later, in July 2009 they were separated. Girl, confused not knowing what to believe .. he loved it? Does the boy was all a game? ... it will be together?It all started from something stupid, he wanted a break .. did not know how he feels, what he knew. She took it as a separation and so came to no longer speak. They were in the middle about 2 months .. 2 months the girl he knew his brother's words .. just decided to start another relationship with another boy. He just, he founded another "love". From the outside, both seemed to have forgotten each other, seemed to have known and happiness.Inside them, there was a war led by pride. They loved, but had not the courage to admit, none of them wanted to take the step towards reconciliation. Slowly they began to talk and as friends.Current and current love story love but how to treat heat still felt that love. He took heart and asked the teeth face new phone number, and talked through messages from time to time on the phone. She was in ecstasy every time I hear his voice and her heart beat louder .. 14august One evening in 2009, she began to open his heart in his face. I said everything feels, what a hit .. He said she still love you and that you regret what happened. A moment was silence .. none say anything. Suddenly, at the other end of the phone, his voice is heard: I love you, I would like to start dinnou. She wore eye tears. He could not believe what he heard.They cleared everything that happened and realized that they were made for each other. They dropped what they had relationships .. and realized that they were both to blame and the love that binds them is not like any other, is something special! Since then, they swore to love life. Then came the first meeting and .. December 24, 2009. The first step in what was to come .. it was like a dream, for 10 days spent any time together .. Craciunu and New Year.Separation was very hard .. habit of being close to each other I struggled harder every day. In February it was her birthday .. he thought to make them a surprise with the best friend a girl and came to the party. When he saw between the two of them realized that there really is a feeling unmatched, and that destiny to put in their way to make it happy. It's been so long, girl and boy still love her more divided, none gave up and overcome any obstacle in two. He asked her fiancee in the summer of 2010 even though she was only 17 years old and now not only have to wait for the day will be both forever when their destinies will unite in the face of God

sâmbătă, 7 ianuarie 2012

Love story

It happens in a hot summer in a place where the mentality of some poor. It is difficult to understand the story of a man. He had but a large heart and a charming presence. He was very handsome and loved women, how women loved him. They offered him food without asking too much flesh, and he valued them. But as always happens, there comes a time when you feel that you must be content with one love and then learn to let go of you. She came and passed locked doors of the heart, directly in his soul. Brings the wind and gentle rays of the sun. It was a very beautiful woman what makes it worse. It was a pleasure to turn crazy poisonous arrows at the hearts of sensitive men. Knowing the power of seduction, do not miss any opportunity to make courtiers, victims.This woman, a divine beauty, total numbness, gave evidence of cruelty to measure her beauty.Newly in love, unable to bear the pressure of love, decided to confess his feelings. When he declares his love, her face contort into laughter. Full of pain, he could no longer endure the humiliation and a moonlit night, find their tragic end in a dark forest, thick branch hanging from a tree. His body was rocked by the breeze of the morning ...."- I feel myself shudder, rubbing his palms Anca whispered while his eyes were bathed in tears.- Sad love story, Michael said with trembling voice. Hell, I do not believe that evil can exist as a beautiful woman.- I would have liked to have killed it in place. After all, beauty is insignificant if there is no soul. These women do not deserve to be loved. If I were in his place I would have killed her and if I had not managed to survive the pain, then maybe ...- Yes Michael, you are easy to talk to you, said Anca stings. If you were in his situation, you probably have continued to beg love without even realizing that, in fact, she loved was just to humiliate you. By the way, Tanya, what happened to her?Tanya wiped a tear with the corner and dress, without participating in reviews, continues.- "When the news of his death reached her ears, he sketched a sad smile and withdrew. Many thought that he was remorseful, but the truth was another. Unfortunate just now realizing how much he loved. His heart was broken, and eyes inexhaustible springs of tears. Almost distraught, leaving his house in the world is lost ... "The silence is heavy in the dark forest and aşternu only disturb bird May 1. Nobody dare to make comments and, one by one, to impress embrace of restful sleep and sweet.
At dawn, when the sun light upon the earth, perfect body like the wings Tanya swung wind through the branches of the tree green.On it, I could not see the angelic face, crowned by a painfully sad smile, the face of women who do not know love.

miercuri, 14 decembrie 2011


A cluster of evil forces acting on this night, according to popular belief: wild animals, especially wolves, walk to eat cattle who do not take holidays, the chicks catch the wolf that will calve in the night of St. George, out ghosts, children the flowers become ghosts, witches take the hand of cattle. Therefore to perform a series of magical practices of defense: not giving out coal, hide and languages ​​coasele meliţelor, wax stick crosses vitelorşi horns surround themselves with poppy buried salt block in the doorway grajdiului sorcerers are -mouthed vessels back down and around the house and grajdiul with candle, crosses are the windows and doors garlic, eat garlic. It is a night when animals speak as their patron St. Andrew is, but is potentially deadly for humans to hear ..It is night when the girls who eat a specially made dough can learn fate. You do spells for love, luck, growth, bad for enemies.Weather gives information about the coming winter: the full moon and clear sky announces a winter thaw and snow full moon or rain but heavy winter snows announces big.November 30 St. Andrew the First-Called, (although some cults or keepers of secrets devedesc contrary, including Dan Brown) is consideat Saint Protector of Romania (Santandrei Day Wolf)Holy Apostle Andrew, who preached Christianity in our land is considered the protector of Romania.Holiday lunch and then take up some work can be done, but not working in the field, not sew and especially not înprumută and not give anything in the house. The feast is not meeting gets ill and will damage the crop or livestock.Girls make their love charms. They eat different foods with garlic, as a protection of evil forces, and sweetened pies.A twig of apple placed in water, where blooms of St. Basil, portends a fruitful year

sâmbătă, 26 noiembrie 2011

An unrequited love

It happens in life to love but get hurt ... take your life over again, you forget everything but the memories are always in your heart, remembering that love is the greatest thing you can blame the suffering. Now it's late to add anything to what was beautiful or debugged so many memories, so many beautiful thoughts, so many wonderful moments in so short a time that I thought through silent tears. I wandered with you the images full of beauty, pleasant images so that I can not ever forget them. I always wonder the same thing you have to love people so much that we can be if we made one for the other .....Why we met? Why had come into my life and to penetrate so deep into my soul? If I was elected your heart many times your soul has it not just that he needs? Is there absolute love? Or out of sight out of mind? I remember moments spent together when I come to die of their longing. It was almost a dream fulfilled! I let the voices carried on the wings of memories, to relive our moment again I remember the first moment we met, moments that we spent together, all those days when we walked hand-holding story, the first moments spent together as lovers, I will not forget your first kiss, the moment when we would gather in his arms and felt like beating your heart, as we cuddled and kissed us how sweet your kiss could be as much as I like your eyes, Nasucul your mouth how much I loved you I remember all those nights beautiful when loved us both crazy and we kissed I could forget something frantzuzeste.Cum But how could you forget something?? It was part of the dream that I dreamed of a lifetime. For a moment I could cry, I think you're the person that I dreamed for so long, as you said I knew from the beginning as you go, but my heart refused to believe that we will break. Dream with you, but now my dreams have been shattered. I did not think that last kiss will be so full of pain Your image appears in my mind often appears as an angel ... You look at me with kindness, that when I smile and ... disappear! Now I hope you're happy, I know I do not mean nothing to you, but I was content to know that once something between us and I both experienced the same dream I hope you do not get to suffer as I suffer in my soul that always remains sweet kiss you stole my heart that your name is written, And my heart it will remain there forever You will always be a beautiful reminder that every night I remember going to a thought that will remain in my mind and in My soul for a lifetime, because as I said you were the best and most expensive Sufletel man that I ever met ... with you I spent most beautiful moments of my life I thought that you are the angel that God sent me? What made you believe that you are not a person who belongs to me? Sometimes at night I dream of you. that hold you in my arms and cuddle as you would do anything I can not wake from that dream I sleep a lifetime because they know that if I open my eyes and I looked around me you will not be dreaming that you I will be back together as you relive those wonderful moments when I hear your voice as I whisper "I love you" and the dream that you squeeze the chest and it feels like your heart beating and I whisper as we fight only for mine.Visez both together and wake up and you're in my arms I would do anything to relive those beautiful moments in May Once in a life and find true love if you're lucky that fate has given me and I found it! But in the end because of me and because you understand everything else was swept away! When I write these lines my hand written dictation brain and soul because my eyes have seen were filled with tears and my heart in May have a little and stopped beating, every tear that slipped on my cheek, was a huge drop of love I tried to get rid tine.Am purtato to them but remained in my soul ... you are one person I do not managed to watch ... although we will not be together, I can not get you out of my mind ... I want to wipe my tears come and tell me you love me ...

luni, 14 noiembrie 2011


Been 10 days since we parted. I suffered so much that now they are inert. Do not eat very little, not sleeping and not talking to anyone. If someone would ask me why I live now, I do not think I could find k got a one. I wonder if life often has any sense, if something good can come of all this suffering.You're probably in his arms now, the strange worldToday morning I brought all the things you had in me. I repeated the scene in my mind a thousand times before. Stop saw a few days and did not know anything about you. I've opened the door, behind which I expect the same every time a kiss and a sweet smile. Now I expect a person who looks at me as a stranger who asked me with an expression :???? but hey you like this girl who knows what happened?I could not hold you, I could kiss you, I'm so wrong. Instead you like they did would have mattered. I tried again to explain that no matter what happens between us why you did not act like I would be enemy. Two separate people who do not need to hate then.But that depends only on them. I tried not to be mischievous, not to burst and accuse you that you do not care at all what I feel these days. And we succeeded. In less than five minutes you have left. I left without looking back. And it should remain. But you call me, call me and I could not resist and I quarreled. And you gave me right. And you told me to stay as friends. I gave you a message later and I apologized. I told that I would kiss and that I would keep the baby. You've asked for a night together that night the promised me a few days ago. Once you promised me you never gave any sign for 3 days. Now tell me you did not have credit, I had to call you if I wanted. And you think, and you listen to my heart and forgive you idiot again returns to you. Im you say you were out of town.I go to work the same. And we could have a normal relationship of people who do not fit as a couple but who speak and respect in continuare.Doar that .....Just a few days ago I prayed with tears in his eyes to know what to do. I was somewhat disquieted and prayed to God to help me find my peace. Help me and do not be evil so that it is better for everyone. And what do you think a few hours after I talked to you go on a social networking site and see a picture of you and your ex boyfriend. You were in a club and someone had made a picture. I do not think you knew. A friend of your photos and put his picture on the net. It was two days ago. You know, two days ago when you had no credit and you were out of town.If lightning had hit me in that moment would have been better.Instead, lightning and storm were in my heart. And all screamed somewhere inside and I could not see nothing and hear nothing no more. And now it's midnight and I can not sleep and I write these lines hoping that you will release the venom can you port me.I want so much to say that I'm sorry I met you, I'm sorry that I loved and I trusted you until the last moment. Let me tell you that you are insensitive and that no one deserves to go through what I go now. And I want to say that you no longer exist for me as every time I think of you physical harm. I want to forget, I forget your name and you want and watch it on mine. But I have no energy for anything. So as to get rid of me, but as someone up there took care of me to know the truth will take care of you.

joi, 13 octombrie 2011


A normal person ... with special needs ... I always liked the way Ilook ... We reserve surprises of life higher than the term itselfmeans ... I had a relationship for a year and a half in which hebasically me and I agonized ... Separation and resulted in a'touch of a button ... I was convinced strict relationship betweenhim and another n `I will find ... as n `I will still love and my love lifewill end at the point of my separation from him ... But as I saidabove life surprises us more than the term itself means ...

It all started "net" ... `When I met him" He "basically causedisgrace me all that was about it ... `I stole pictures fromcomputer using a program. God how I hated him in that moment'. I just 'rape' privacy ... I saw him as a great accumulation ofadolescent figures .. a spot and an affront to the entirewomanhood ...

In time I began to exchange ideas ... it look different ... but likeeverything was not enough. `I said that I never loved ... he will notdo ... intrigued me ... stubborn me ... Until one day when I `'saidhe loves me ... N `I knew basically what reaction to have ... `I tookit as a joke (kind of bad joke at that time). In time "joke" caughtproportion and I like to think that now we are a beautiful love story... Perhaps the most beautiful. I can not see life without him ...Without the "cumulation my adolescent figures" ... And so "Mynightmare on the net" has become the most beautiful dream ...which gives me power and I `turns ... finish with a smile and theday that a 'begin ... The cleanest and most beautiful of my mind ...Access the heart that beats' n 2 being so different and yet sosimilar ... And for the first time in 20 years living thrill of a beautifullove ... "I left the setting" ... and live a "love that movie":)
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